Create better products.

It's our responsability as theme and plugins authors to ensure the peace of mind of our users when they update their themes and plugins. Did you know that even a 10% increase in line-height can mess up a very important article on a user site?

Why Visual Regression?

Save QA Time

The work that EyePatch is doing automatically would take you or your QA staff 1 hour per release. If you have 3 products and release twice per month, EyePatch would save you 6 hours of work per month.

Spot hard to detect changes

After analysing 100+ theme updates most of our changes can be easily overlooked, 10px extra spacing here or there, some left padding for an HTML item or some mobile only change, all very small but important enough.

1-Click Setup

Or try to look at this another way, what is the integration cost of EyePatch in your current flow? Is 0. For basic tests you don't need to do any complex configuration, use either our GitHub Integration or our try it out form and it works.

Choose what best fits your needs

You have Free Unlimited Updates and Premium Support on each package.

Open Source

  • 1 Project
  • 200 Snapshots
  • Default Database


  • 3 Projects
  • 2,000 Snapshots
  • Custom Database


  • 10 Projects
  • 20,000 Snapshots
  • Custom Database
  • JS Injection

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers do you support?

EyePatch currently works only for Chrome. We plan to add FireFox support in upcoming months.

What happens if we exceed snapshot limits?

If you need more screenshots that your plan supports, your account will continue to work for a while and we'll get in touch to find out what plan works for you best.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel and perform other actions on your subscriptions via the My Account page.

Is there any discount for an annual subscription?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount if you choose annual subscription for any plan.

What constitutes as a snapshot?

Each rendering of a web page including each individual responsive width counts as a snapshot. For example if you have 1 release where you test 5 pages on 3 resolutions, this means 30 snapshots.

Any other questions we can answer?

We are happy to help you. Contact us.