Why EyePatch?

Responsive visual testing

Test out your code on multiple devices and easily see how your css changes affect the site.

Simple & Fast

1-click integration with GitHub, works out of the box and it takes in average 67s per test

No more broken UI

In 37% of the cases developers introduce minor visual inconsistencies without being aware of.

Works for any type of project

It works with both one-page apps built in plain html or vue.js for example, as well for web products that require a database, like a WordPress theme or plugin.


Just add the EyePatch app to your repo, submit a pull request and will just work.

WordPress themes

Use our Try It Out form or the GitHub integration to try out EyePatch.

WordPress Plugins

Does your plugin have a front-end component?! Wanna see if your new update work with most of the themes?

Bogdan Preda

Bogdan Preda

Lead Developer

Developer, Chef, Traveler or just an average Joe. I like to think of my self more of a problem solver.

Marius Cristea

Marius Cristea

Product Manager

`Just a regular developer, sometimes CTO @VertiStudio. Looking for ways to improve the development workflows.

Stop Doing QA in the dark.

Try EyePatch now.


$29/ mo

  • 3 Projects
  • 2,000 Snapshots
  • Custom Database
  • JS Injection
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$99/ mo

  • 10 Projects
  • 20,000 Snapshots
  • Custom Database
  • JS Injection
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